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QuikSeam (9" wide x 50' long x 2 rolls)

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Product Description

Packaged Box:

2 Rolls:  9in. W x 50 ft. L

Compared to surface-applied sealants, the full-depth seal provided by QuikSeam results in permanent and more effective protection against water infiltration for asphalt pavements.  Rather than only covering explosed joint surfaces, QuikSeam seals the entire vertical interface of joints at abutting pavement sections.  Because it eliminates surface sealing, QuikSeam is unaffected by traffic and environmental factors that degrade asphaltic surface sealants.  Additionally, QuikSeam can more effectively accommodate common joint movements.

As an alternative to surface sealing (overbanding), QuikSeam conforms to recent recommendations such as those discussed in SHRP Report H-106 from the National Research Council.  This report summarizes a 4-1/2 year study of different crack/seam sealing procedures and indicates taht the best protection against asphalt pavement water infiltration is achieed with sealing procedures similar to the QuikSeam approach.  The report also concludes that traditional hot-poured asphalt surface sealants typically provide relatively short-term protection since degradation usually begins soon after application.

How QuikSeam Minimizes Water Infiltration

QuikSeam is ideal for sealing joints and seams when contructing new asphalt pavements and when replacing asphalt sections in existing pavements.

QuikSeam addresses both major causes of water infiltration so that, in addition to providing a superior full-depth joint seal, through-pavement infiltration in porous low-density asphalt is reduced.

When installed, heat from the fresh asphalt and compaction forces allow QuikSeam to migrate into the lower part of the hot asphalt layer.  Simultaneously, QuikSeam forms a positive seal within the vertical joint.  These uniquely combined functions result in more uniform sealant application and protection against infiltration over a broader area of potential water penetration.

QuikSeam Properties

QuikSeam is a specially formulated rubberized asphalt compound possessing carefully designed melt and flow properties.  Standard roll lengths are 50 feet and both flat surfaces of QuikSeam sealant are protected by easily-removable coated paper.

Standard roll widths are 8" and 9" to accommodate 2" and 3" thick pavement sections respectively.  Installation requres no special skills, tools or equipment.